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Recruiting to a timeline

Recruitment delays can be disappointing and costly. We recently heard from a candidate involved in an interview process lamenting the lack of response following a recent interview. They had applied for a job, been selected and attended a shortlist interview, provided their referee details and then… silence. After three weeks of following up with the […]

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CEO of the Household

Over the holiday period break my wife and I had the opportunity to spend two wonderful weeks with our children and grandchildren. Included in this cohort was our daughter, her husband and four young children (14 month + 25 month old twins and 4 year old). A fun time was had by all (I have […]

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We all want to be liked.

Wanting to be liked is a basic human trait and conversely, we usually don’t enjoy the experience of rejection. At Fashionpeople we understand the emotional investment every candidate makes when they decide to apply for a role and how important the job will be to their future. That’s why we spend a lot of our […]

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Satisfaction in the Workplace Translated

A few years ago news emerged of Virgin Boss, Richard Branson’s plan to eliminate restrictions on the amount of holidays his employees in the US & UK can take each year. Under this arrangement, employees will be allowed to take time off without prior warning so long as their work is kept up to date. […]

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The Order Of Candidates In Shortlist Interviews; Does It Have An Impact?

I’m often asked whether there’s any particular science behind the order of candidates when conducting shortlist interviews. Having participated in close to 1,000+ shortlist interviews I’m a firm believer other factors have a much greater bearing on the outcome. Firstly, an interview is just one of the selection tools generally available to the employer. Background […]

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Is the number of applications a valid measure of success?

We are often asked by our clients during our recruitment briefing meetings what are our expectations regarding the likely number of applications for a particular role. The catalyst for this question is the misconception a high number of applications is a measure of a successful recruitment strategy. In our experience and mindful of the recruitment […]

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Succession planning – a great idea that is in need of a re-think

There has been a long held myth that unless you are working in a large commercialised organisation opportunities for succession planning are reasonably limited. While smaller resourced organisations certainly operate lean and reasonably flat, in isolation this should not eliminate opportunities for succession planning. However, we need to shift our thinking on succession planning away […]

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The Importance of Honest References

Reference checking a candidate’s experiences and credentials is regarded as a fundamental part of any job process. However the success of these checks depends entirely on the propensity of the referee to be honest in their assessment of the candidate and trust the recruiter or employer in keeping their responses confidential. If you have ever […]

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Happiness At Work

A worldwide survey by recruitment firm Robert Half Finance and Accounting shows that, rather than money, a good relationship with co-workers and bosses is the most important motivating factor in the office for middle managers. Four out of ten people who took part in the research rated good interpersonal relationships as their gateway to work […]

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A good appointment needs a good shortlist

The issue of how many candidates should be shortlisted for final interview is often raised early in our recruitment work. Many clients have a set idea that they want to meet say 4 or 5 candidates while others are open to simply meeting the candidate group that best meets the job profile and selection criteria. […]

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